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Residents in McKinnon are a proud bunch. And why not? The relatively small suburb has had its ups and downs, though all the while it has maintained a strong local economy driven by thriving small businesses.

It all began in the early 1900s, when the building of the McKinnon railway station allowed local entrepreneurs to trade further afield than ever before. McKinnon's popular markets soon sprung up, as did the shopping centre over time.

The 1990s proved to be a more difficult period for small companies, with many losing out to global chains. However, today, there is a growing renaissance of local, family-owned and -operated businesses providing their goods and services to the McKinnon community.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to open an office in the region, to work with local businesses and help them with their accounting challenges.

Who we are

Since breaking on to the scene in 1972, Vawdrey Axton Turner provides small-business accounting services to a wide range of companies. From the enterprising and relatively new coffee shop scene to the market vendors who have supported the community for decades, our experts in McKinnon are assisting a great number of businesses, big and small.

As accountants in McKinnon, we are grounded in the local goings on, and we keep on top of the challenges facing your business from a federal, state and regional level.

We do this by taking a personal approach. We want to know what drives you, and from there, we can use our local knowledge to make sure your business stays legally compliant and isn't encumbered by time-consuming admin.

What we do

So, what business services do we offer to our clients? Some of our more popular tasks include:

●      Bookkeeping and accounting

●      Auditing

●      Goods and service tax (GST), fringe benefit tax (FBT), and capital gains tax services

●      Creating business start-up strategies

●      Cashflow forecasting

●      Financial planning

●      Financing solutions

●      Management consulting

●      Portfolio management

●      Risk management


We also have a range of specialist services, for businesses who need help with more specific matters. These include:

●      Estate planning

●      Business start-up assistance

●      Rental property

●      Selling a business

●      Succession planning

●      Superannuation

●      Trusts

●      Mortgages and finance

●      Private client services

●      Company secretary


We've been on hand for generations of McKinnon-based businesses over the years, and plan to continue helping today's entrepreneurs save time, stay compliant, keep on top of their accounting obligations and continue to support the local economy.

To speak to an expert today, call our McKinnon office on (03) 9578 0035, or contact us online for more information.